Hiro Hamada and Azzai by azzai

Tadashi Hamada x OC

You tagged along with the Hamada brothers to the convention that would admit Hiro into the Institute of Technology where you and Tadashi go. You knew that Hiro would have no problem getting in. You didn't like to admit it but he was way smarter than you and his microbots were better than anything you've ever made...well, you only heard from Tadashi what they did. But still, they sound pretty amazing. You couldn’t wait for Hiro’s presentation…just as long as he will be able to keep it together. You offered your best support, along with Tadashi. Before the presentation and during. You would give him a thumbs up every time he would look at your direction, seeing his nerves.

And, not to your surprise, Hiro’s presentation of his ingenious (you loved that he made a freaking tower out of them and was able to walk upside down) microbots smoothly once his jitters went away. You and Tadashi met him once he got off of the stage, you ruffling his hair. “Good job, squirt! I bet Professor Callaghan will give that acceptance letter in a heartbeat! Right, Tadashi?” You met Tadashi during the convention that got you and him into the IoT and three years later, you were best friends. With both him and way-too-smart-for-his-own-good younger brother, Hiro.

Tadashi nodded in agreement with you. He fist-bumped Hiro. “Yeah, you got this in the bag, Hiro. You made the one gave look terrible.”

“You said it, not me, ” Hiro said behind a laugh. He suddenly stopped, his body tensing up. You raised an eyebrow, about to ask him what’s wrong until he blurted out, “Mr. Callaghan!”

You and Tadashi turned to see your professor standing behind the two of you. The two of you stepped to the side, letting the professor get to Hiro. You and Tadashi eyed each other, smiling, to see the familiar envelope hidden behind Callaghan’s back. Your smiles became even larger as you watched him present it to Hiro, who looked like he was going to poop his pants. “I will see you with your brother in class, Hiro. Welcome to IoT.” he said to Hiro before walking away.

Hiro couldn’t believe the words he had heard. To make sure that he wasn’t dreaming, he ripped the envelope open, cracking the red wax seal, and pealed out the paper inside. His eyes widened and his grin was so large, you could count all of his teeth. He shoved it in yours and Tadashi’s face. “Look! Look! I got in!”

Tadashi placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder, shaking him in excitement. “Can’t wait to see you outsmart me and (Name). Go show Aunt Cass.”

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