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Tadashi Hamada x chubby Reader

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Tadashi x Chubby!Reader

You are smart. You are kind. You are funny, caring and witty. You are compassionate. You are helpful. You are bubbly, resourceful and generous. You are a good person and a great friend.

Yet, no matter how many good traits you archive in the facets of your personality they are always overshadowed by one trivial, shallow, physical trait.

You are chubby.

This fact seemed to turn away more than your fair share of potential friends and suitors. It made people look down on you as if being chubby somehow made you less of a person. It made people condemn and criticize the way you looked, and it made people stay away.

All except one.

Tadashi Hamada had always gone out of his way to make you smile and become your friend. He consistently complemented you not only on the way you looked, but your personality as well. At first you thought it was just in his nature to be kind to everyone he met, but as you spent more time with him, you realized he truly did care for you. He consistently invited you to spend time with him and his friends and slowly a closer relationship developed between the two of you. Soon you found yourself crushing hard on the college boy and you hoped with everything he wouldn’t reject you because of your size. Any and all doubts were soon dissipated when Tadashi coincidentally confessed his love for you in the midst of his elation over the success of his invention Baymax. From then on, the two of you became inseparable. He was the perfect boyfriend, loving, caring and thoughtful, and you couldn’t be happier.

These facts are what find you in your current situation. For your two year anniversary Tadashi had not only remembered the day, but he had gone to all the trouble of planning a lovely picnic in the park. The two of you had spent the afternoon reminiscing and enjoying all the delicious food Tadashi had prepared as the sun made its slow trek across the sky and puffy clouds drifted by. Now, the two of you were laying quietly side by side on the blanket, your fingers intertwined as the sank below the horizon and the stars came slipping out. As much as you were enjoying the moment, there was something you desperately wanted to ask.

‘Hey Tadashi?’ Your voice softly calls your boyfriend’s name, to which he responds with only a low hum of acknowledgement. ‘Why are you even with me?’

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