Reversible Big Hero 6 Charm

Tadashi Hamada t shirt

Almost four years ago, I died.Or so I thought.The fire didn't hurt me. It was more like a cocoon of warmth. And my life flashed before my eyes. I saw my baby brother growing up. I saw my parents die. I saw the day I got accepted at SFTI. And I saw Baymax hugging Hiro. ‘That’s weird. That…that never happened, ’ I thought.Then I fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.When I finally woke up, I was in a bright white room. I didn't know where. There was a bright light in front of my face. “Ah. Sunfire, you’re awake, ” said a voice.“Who’s…Sunfire?” I managed to say.“You, of course. Why, you are the only one known to survive a huge explosion such as that.”“Wait a second. You mean to say that I survived a fiery explosion inside a building filled with a bunch of chemicals and such?” I asked.“That's precisely right, young man.”“I don’t believe you, whoever you are.”“My name is Ichiro. It is Japanese for ‘first son’. Alas, not always does the first son prosper.”“What do you mean?” “Like you, I was in a devastating accident that nearly killed me. There was a tsunami in Japan that swept away my wife, my daughter, and three sons. But there was a chemical reaction in the water that saved my life. It gave me the ability to breathe underwater. I don’t know what it was, but I am still studying. Sunfire, you've been in a coma for four years. All that time I have been studying you.”“I'VE BEEN GONE FOR FOUR YEARS?!” I suddenly yelled.“Calm down, you’re temperature is rising, ” said Ichiro.I could feel it happening, too. I felt like I was on fire. Then I realized – I was!“GAH!” I yelled. “I… this is the power it gave me? I can catch fire and not burn?”“Precisely yes Sunfire.”
“My name is not Sunfire!” I cried. “MY NAME IS TADASHI HAMADA!!!”

I need more feedback guys! I still need those OCs for my Earth to Echo fanfic. PLZ POST STUFF IN THE COMMENTS!!!

PTCY Women's T-shirts Funny Toothless Tadashi Baymax Hiccup L White
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Disney Disney Big Hero 6 Cast Blue Boys Short Sleeve T-Shirt (X-Large 14/16)
Apparel (Disney)
  • Officially Licensed
  • Great Front Graphic
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • Listed In Boy s Sizes
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