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I just thought I'd mention that for the past three weeks or so, I've been torrenting Shogo Hamada's albums at Jpopsuki, adding a new one every day. I just uploaded My First Love a few minutes ago, so Shogo's entire album discography is now available through Jpopsuki (and I'll continue to seed all of the torrents for at least another week or two, maybe longer, and then drop them one per day or so). I've got one more album that I'll post tomorrow (AIDO, a 1975 album from before he went solo), maybe a set of ten PVs, and some singles once the two that I ordered a while back actually arrive. I figure I'm probably one of only a few people in North America to have Shogo Hamada's full album discography (well, not anymore I guess), and I'm determined to make sure that his greatness becomes more widely known in US. ^_^;

If I had to pick some "must-have" albums of his, I'd probably recommend:

1) The History of Shogo Hamada
2) J.Boy
3) My First Love
4) Save Our Ship

The History of Shogo Hamada is his "best of" album, and while it's far from my favorite album of his, it's still a good overview of his career and stylistic evolution from 1975 to 2000, so for someone who wants to know what to listen to first to get a general idea of what he's about, History is a great choice.
J.Boy was released in 1986, and is, in my opinion, the high point of his career. From "A New Style War" (an eerily-relevant song about terrorism and such) to "America" to "August Song", it's just an excellent album overall, and I think it really defines Shogo Hamada better than any of his other albums.

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