Hamada 880 SX

Hamada Printing Press Japan

Had a NEW H234A installed about 7 months ago and to this day we have been unable to print a decent process job on it. We are using Agfa 8mil plates, 80 cover, and 100# text c2s. The tech has been in recently to adjust timing and we found out that one head prints larger then the other, we have additional packing to compensate. Throughout the course of a run I will check the first pass every 200-400 sheets, and it’s always on, however when I go to run the 2nd pass it’s like close but I'm always chasing down something. We don’t print a lot of process, mostly 1 and 2 color jobs, so when process jobs its always a battle.

Anyone else experiencing this? Anyone want to trade for a 3302?

I cannot help but wonder if there is something seriously wrong with the press, since it hasn’t been able to run any process job since we had it installed. It was brand spanking new. not used.

Thanks for any insight you can provide, if you want to knock me for having a Hamada. join the club... seems to be the way things are heading.

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