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Biography of Hamada Helal

Hamada Helal, born Mohamed Hamada Abdel Fatah Helal in Sharqia, Egypt, is a notorious Egyptian singer.

Hamada was attracted to music since he was at the age of five. Later, he used to listen Abdelhalim Hafez, Um Kulthum and other classical music figures. His first singing experience dates back to school parties and even breaks while he was singing with his friends.

Discovered by one of his relatives, Hamada Helal was introduced to a musician who learned him the music basics and helped him go through a musical career by first proposing him as a wedding singer in one of his friend’s marriage. Thanks to this opportunity, Hamada met the famous composer Hamid El Shaerry who gave him a contract with a recording studio.

Hamada HelalHamada Helal first took place on the Arab musical scene with a single “Bakhaf” he followed by “Daymane Doumou3” which both titles seduced a large audience.

Hamada Helal has since produced four albums including his latest “Waheshni”. He also acted in Egyptian movie: “3yal Habiba” that includes other songs of his such as “Ya Rab”.

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Hamada Helal
Hamada Helal
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