Hamada Helal Film

It would be interesting to see Mervat playing a role against Hamada. (Image: Albawaba edit)It would be interesting to see Mervat playing a role against Hamada. (Image: Albawaba edit)

For seven years now, legendary Egyptian actress Mervat Amin turned down numerous offers to star in various films, blaming it simply on not finding “just the right production” to debut her comeback into the entertainment world.

Mervat’s last film appearance was in the 2007 movie “Murjan Ahmad Murjan” alongside veteran Egyptian actor Adel Imam.

But it seems like Mervat may have found the project she’s been looking for. The actress showed an interest and has even given her initial acceptance of a role in the film “Hamati Bithibni” (My Mother in Law Loves Me), alongside Egyptian singer Hamada Helal, reported Laha Magazine.

It’s rumored that the show’s cast and crew, especially Helal, are trying their best efforts to convince Mervat to take part in the film.

The film will be produced by Ahmad Al Sabki and directed by Akram Farid. The script was written by scenarist Salah El Din and is a romantic comedy revolving around the relationship between a man and his mother in law.

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Hamada Helal
Hamada Helal
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